RMC Event Registation

A Yucca Mountain, A Controversial Subject

You decide!

Lunch meeting doors open at 11 am

Atlantis Casino, Reno, Nevada

Great lunch, A great speakers panel representing the two points of view on this controversial subject –

Pro – Dr. Nick Tsoulfanidis,

Bruce Marlow, UNR & Gary Duarte 

Con – Dr. Scott Tyler, UNR Education Dept 

RMC Event Registation

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RMC Luncheon Agenda

11:00 am – Doors open – registration begins & networking

11:30 am – Lunch is served — Pledge of Allegiance

11:35 am – Special Announcements & Club Business

In Favor

11:45 am – Gary Duarte (5 minutes)

11:50 am – Bruce Marlow (10 minutes)

12:00 pm  – Dr. Nick Tsoulfanidis (10 minutes)


12:10 pm – Dr. Scott Tyler (20 minutes)

12:30 pm to 12:57 pm – Q & A session directed to the speakers

Questions will be directed to speakers – one is to be selected for each viewpoint to answer for a total of 2 for each question

Questions will come from audience written on cards and read to speakers by the RMC President or an assigned person

12:57 pm – 50/50 drawing

1:05 pm – Meeting Officially Ends


Congressman Shimkus