Regional Hot Wars or World War?

I had to put this up reference the War on Terror:

LTC Bill Conrad 2007 Afghanistan
LTC Bill Conrad. Bagram, Afghanistan, January 2008

COL (Ret) Ron Diana and I worked together over several years while assigned to the Human Terrain System. He stayed in the program twice as long as I did and was one of the high level managers (I consider him an expert on the War on Terror).

I wrote this email to him: “The Middle East is a mess. Sort of a regional war zone but not yet a world war.”

He wrote back: “I disagree with that and here is why. All of these different groups are interacting with each other. The Tb, Boko Haram, ISIS, Hamas and Hezbollah as well as Turkey and extremist factions in Libya and Somalia. While the groups in the Pacific and Indian Oceans have not conducted joint operations I am willing to bet that they are communicating. We have Iran who is still a wildcard that the Prez refuses to acknowledge as a true wildcard and all of the muslims living in Europe, UK, Australia, New Zealand and here in the US. I believe that, like the Cold war, the war on terror is in fact a World War, but unlike the Cold War, this one is a hot war with fights breaking out all over the world.”

So my question to you: Is this a “hot” low intensity world war? If not what should we call it and how do we stop it?