Roger, Ray & Tom, (email sent Jan 18, 2019)

I looked at how all the other clubs are taking reservations and with the exception of the RMC and the RJC all the clubs take reservations via a phone call or an email. See

For now, I would like to still advise the club on technical issues and possibly become a board member after the ski season. I just don’t have the time to work on the list building or integration of credit cards for the monthly meetings due to all the online work I currently have with other paying clients, the new club I am setting up to help local elected Republicans and my winter work as a profession ski patroller. You will need to do what the women’s clubs do and take reservations via email and phone.

Also, as long as you keep US Bank, you can still use credit cards for online membership and at your meetings, the PayPal will still work on a smartphone or pad.

Reference the hosting, security and the maintenance of the website. I need a check made out to Conrad Pacific for $240 for 2019.

If you sent me a word doc or other artwork for each monthly meeting I will post it similarly to how we posted the Christmas party but without the links to the payment gateways

Also, we should build a page with pictures and bios of board members and if you have minutes and updated bylaws I would like to post them.