The Republican Men’s Club held its Third Tuesday Dinner Meeting June
18th in grand style at the Atlantis banquet room.  This informative
evening featured a stellar panel of medical and policy experts
discussing the ramifications of The Affordable Care Act or

The evening opened with announcements of upcoming events and
introductions, quickly followed by a salmon dinner and a lively
program by the panel guests.   Each expert was given 6 minutes to
address their view of current healthcare situation, followed by a
lively question-and-answer period from the guests.

The evening concluded with the drawing for the raffle prize of
valuable bottles of wine donated by Dr. Kosta Archer, one of the
panelists.   Other presenters were:  Andy Mathews, Dr. Ronald Smith,
Jim Annis and Sam Crampton.

This was another excellent event sponsored by the Republican Men’s
Club.   President Ray Rocha, Bill Conrad and Caroline Smith made sure
the evening ran smoothly with help from volunteers and Board Members.
 The very affordable membership is encouraged, along with
participation from women and college students.  Don’t miss the next
luncheon or dinner!