RMC TV Seven Minutes Guest Promotion

Speaker/Featured Guest we would like to invite and encourage you to make a promotional recording for your upcoming appearance at the next RMC luncheon or dinner.  The promotional clip will be featured on YouTube, iTunes, Adwords, on our website and emailed out to over 400 people in the greater Reno area. Please call Bill Conrad’s cell phone, 775-527-4276 to set up the interview (it only takes 10 to 12 minutes and can be done from the convenience of your home or office).

It is good to record this interview/promotional between 18 to 21 days out from the luncheon/dinner to get maximum exposure for the speaker and the event. We can record by phone or Skype (Skype is best but a phone will turn out ok).

Typical Script:

Bill (host):

Welcome to this month’s RMC TV. This month we have (Guest First & Last Name) and he/she is the featured speaker at this month’s RMC luncheon/dinner.

(Guest First Name), welcome to RMC TV, we are looking forward to your presentation at the RMC Luncheon, (day and date of luncheon or dinner) at the Atlantis Casino and Spa here in Reno, Nevada.

(Featured Speaker/Guest):
“Bill, I am looking forward to luncheon/dinner…” (or something along this line or conversation)

Bill (host):

That is great, so (Guest First Name), what will you be talking about at this month’s luncheon/dinner?

(Featured Speaker/Guest):

(Guest: Explain to the listener what you will be talking about. The intent is to get more people come to the event).

Bill (host):

Time permitting, I will ask one or two follow-up questions (it is all “positive” and the purpose is to get more people to attend the luncheon – seven minutes goes by fast).

(Featured Speaker/Guest):

Whatever come to mind…. (seven minutes goes by fast)

Bill (Host):

Thank you for coming on RMC TV today, we are looking forward to presentations at the Atlantis on (date).

(Featured Speaker/Guest):

Please call Bill Conrad 775-527-4276 to schedule the interview/promotional. The early we cut the 7-minute promotion the more visibility you will receive and the more people will come.

For more information check out our website and your RMC TV:



https://youtu.be/Tx0NEs_VR9U?t=5m26s   (this was our first promo)