Eddie Lorton’s Early Years in Reno

Eddie Lorton’s family moved to Reno when he was 6 months old; now he has called Reno home for more than 56 years. He went to Reed High School where he continued to play baseball, basketball, and football. When asked about sports, Eddie said, “I would rather play than watch.” In the summers at the Nugget Casino Resort in Sparks, he worked as the prime rib cook. Between sports and working his time was always filled. His dad was a general manager at car agencies and his mom also worked a the Nugget Casino.

His Business Years

While working he saved up and bought his first home. He later took a second on his home and invested in the stock market and buying more income real estate. He has done well and now has a couple second homes in Graeagle, California and in Winchester Bay, Oregon.  He also runs his own carpet cleaning company serving homeowners as well as large apartments,  hotels, and casinos.  Eddie worked 20 hour work days. He used to “work hard” now he works “smart.”

Eddie is very concerned that the 3% tax cap may be eliminated. This could affect property taxes in a major way. One of our draws is our tax structure. This 3% tax cap could raise property owners taxes by 200% to 300%

Eddie’s Life and Success Principle

  1. Honesty – Eddie will not lie to gain a vote. He will be upfront with the voter and not waver to the special interest.
  2. Integrity – Be upfront and honorable. You should stick with what is best for the majority of the people.
  3. Work Hard and Smart – You have to earn your keep. Eddie has worked hard and smart his entire life. He will bring that same work ethic to the City of Reno.

Eddie Campaign for the Mayor of Reno

Eddie believes that he can make a difference. One of his first priorities is to sell off all surplus properties. We are on an upswing and we will get top dollar for the taxpayer. We need to pay off our debt, keep care of our infrastructure and build a new police station. We should also focus on infill and maximize our existing infrastructure. The citie’s surplus land will also eliminate some of the strain on the cities affordable housing.  He also believes that our gas tax has not been used properly and our tax dollars should come back to the city for repairs and maintenance and that builder should “pay their own way.”

Favorit Places to Eat in Reno

Mario’s Portofino, The Peppermill and the Atlantis Casino Resort

Campaign Website: eddielorton.com

Check Out:  Eddies YouTube Channel

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