The Dan Schwarts Presentation to the RMC

Dan is a Silver Sponsor but we were unable to fit in a Timelines of Success or Meet The Voter interview but he has promised us that after the election we will get together. We have gone ahead and put Dan’s presentation was on Tuesday, May 31, 2018, to the RMC.

About Dan

Dan Schwartz has been called an “Independent Voice” and an “Outsider” because he has stood up to the insider deals that Carson City calls its own. Dan is a veteran and a successful businessman who ran for State Treasurer in 2014 because he was tired of seeing elected officials mismanage the business of Nevada. After winning the election and arriving in Carson City, Dan was hit with the hard truth that our state isn’t run by the people or even their elected leaders. Our State is run by the lobbyists and political insiders with the fattest wallets and best connections.

Dan’s is now running for Governor because it’s time to end pay-to-play and to realize Nevada’s potential for a better community and a stronger, more diversified economy.

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